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How Does a Cavity Form?

You have heard so many lectures about cavities and how to keep your teeth by being ravaged from the. However, what really are cavities and why is it that dentists like Brad Pitts in Lexington, SC work so hard to … Continued

Manly Dental Issues

The statistics do not lie – men only brush their teeth an average of 1.9 times in a day, and, as a consequence, may lose 5.4 teeth by the time they hit the age of 72. And according to statistics, … Continued

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Smile

Smoking may have been the norm back in the day, but it’s certainly a frowned upon vice these days, and for a number of perfectly reasonable explanations too. Nicotine is implicated as the cause of major respiratory disorders such as … Continued

Advantages of One-Visit Crowns

Did you know that you could actually build a better smile? We get no shortage of patients inquiring about the various cosmetic dentistry techniques available at our clinic in Lexington, SC. New developments in the realm of dentistry allow us … Continued

Making Your Veneers Last

Making Your Veneers Last Dental veneers may remain intact for a very long time. Dr. Pitts thoroughly prepares each patients’ teeth. He also uses only the highest quality bonding materials. If you want to have ‘semi permanent’ veneers, Brad Pitts … Continued