Dental Health

Oral Health Improved…With Candy

Imagine a candy that, instead of doing damage to your teeth, actually improved your oral health. Well, that’s exactly what a Berlin based firm has created. Organobalance GmbH, the firm responsible for creating the “miracle” candy, claims that it actually … Continued

Manly Dental Issues

The statistics do not lie – men only brush their teeth an average of 1.9 times in a day, and, as a consequence, may lose 5.4 teeth by the time they hit the age of 72. And according to statistics, … Continued

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Smile

Smoking may have been the norm back in the day, but it’s certainly a frowned upon vice these days, and for a number of perfectly reasonable explanations too. Nicotine is implicated as the cause of major respiratory disorders such as … Continued