Cosmetic Dentist in Lexington SCThe warmer seasons of the year are just a couple of days ahead and you’ll finally be able to enjoy the outdoors once again. This means you’ll soon be able to start roughing it out again and playing outdoor sports. However, part of playing contact sports is the chance that you might injure your pearly whites. So if you want to have fun under the summer sun and yet still protect your smile, here are some things you need to know:

1. Ask for a mouth guard.

Mouth guards are not just for people who grind their teeth obsessively but also for individuals who love their contact sports. According to surveys, around 40 percent of injuries which arise as a consequence of playing sports involve the face. Wearing a mouth guard will protect you from tooth loss, and major teeth fractures and chips. On top of that, mouth guards can also help prevent you from suffering a concussion. If you want mouth guards which do the job and yet don’t interfere with your game, then pick out dentist-made mouth guards. These custom-made dental appliances are thinner, more flexible, and fit the contours of your teeth and mouth snugly and more naturally. Dr. Pitt in Lexington, SC can find the right mouth guard for you.

2. Easy on the sports drinks.

It only makes sense that you’re thirsty from playing a ballgame for three entire hours, but too many sports drink can actually damage your teeth’s enamel for two reasons. First off, the sugar in these drinks will only entice cavity-causing bacteria to proliferate like crazy inside your mouth. Secondly, the acids in these beverages will soften the enamel and make them vulnerable to cavity formation and erosion. While drinking water is better, if you really must consume sports drinks in order to replenish lost electrolytes, then you should swish water in between sips in order to cut the contact between the sports drink and your teeth.

3. Drink water.

Water is always your safest choice beverage-wise. Not only is water free from sugar but it’s also proven to cool your muscles more efficiently and moisten your joints, allowing you to perform so much better. On top of that, every sip of water will help to rinse the bacteria and plaque lodged in between and on the surfaces of your teeth. And if you choose to bring tap water with you, then you get fluoride with every chug. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which helps in the generation of new enamel crystals.

Dr. Brad Pitts wants all of his patients in Lexington, SC and the surrounding area to be ready for summer by having a great smile. Our staff at Brad Pitts Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will make that happen for you!

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