smiling guyThe statistics do not lie – men only brush their teeth an average of 1.9 times in a day, and, as a consequence, may lose 5.4 teeth by the time they hit the age of 72. And according to statistics, men are twice more likely to develop oral cancer as compared to their female counterparts. However, it seems like dentists do not get as frequent visits from their male patients in comparison to their female patients. The following are just some reasons for why men should take a keener interest on their dental health:

Gum Disease. Because men are more likely to neglect their dental hygiene, they are also more susceptible to having periodontal or gum diseases. Plaque is a soft, white material which coats the surfaces of teeth and often accumulates along the gum line. And while plaque can be easily removed, not brushing at least twice a day will lead to the build-up of plaque which turns into tartar in time, a mineral-like substance that can only be removed by professional cleanings and causes pockets to form along the gum line. Bacteria can make their way into these pockets and infect deeper gum tissues as well as jaw bone, causing periodontitis.

Gingivitis. While most men aren’t that religious with their dental hygiene regimen, those who do brush their teeth exert too much effort that they end up causing damage to their gums. Gingivitis is the mild inflammation of gums which leads to swollen and red gums that have the tendency to easily bleed. Brushing for at least 2 minutes in a gentle, circular motion is the recommended way to brush.

Oral Cancer. Men are more likely to smoke than women, and because smoking is the number one cause of oral cancer, it only follows that men develop this specific cancer twice more likely than women. Oral cancer is one of the more prevalent types of cancer in the country and a diagnosis carries a grim prognosis. Almost 8,000 individuals die of oral cancer every year. Some of the symptoms of oral cancer include bleeding sores, and lumps along one’s neck and mouth. Regular visits to dentists like Brad Pitts Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Lexington, SC is your best bet of warding off oral cancer.

Tooth Sensitivity. Consuming massive quantities of energy and sports drinks can cause erosion of enamel which can lead to the exposure of the pulp region of one’s teeth. The pulp region is where blood vessels and nerve endings are found, and the exposure of this region can bring about tooth sensitivity as well as pain as accompanied by infection.

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