lexington sc cosmetic dentistIt’s easy for patients to discuss their lifestyle to their physicians when going in for routine check-ups. You may have talked about whether you smoke or drink alcohol, and in what amounts. However, you might have to spill the beans to your dentist as well. The government is now urging dentists to learn more about the lifestyles of their patients in order to better advise them with regards to pre-empting dental conditions which they are at high risk for.

Oral health is effected largely by the things that we eat, our exercise or lack of it, as well as the controlled substances which we consume such as tobacco and alcohol. For these reasons, Dr. Pitts would like patients to understand that their lifestyles do not just impact their medical health but also their dental health.

Sugary foods and exercise

One study which clearly shows the link between healthy habits and a healthy mouth is focused on the relationship between consuming sweet drinks and foods with potential damage to oral health. According to the study, individuals who stay fit through regular exercise and consumption of the right foods are 40 percent less likely to suffer from gum diseases.

Oral cancer and a healthy lifestyle

One of the newest forms of cancer which is increasing in prevalence is mouth cancer, and, currently, smoking is still the biggest risk factor for having this malignancy. Cases of mouth cancer in the country have jumped by 47 percent since the year 1997. Unless modifications to their existing lifestyles are done, it is expected that 30,000 individuals will die due to the malignancy within the next 10 years. Other than smoking, the other risk factors for oral cancer include alcohol use, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

Preventing dental disorders

Knowing simple facts such as not brushing twice a day or smoking will allow Dr. Pitts to carve out a special dental regimen for you. To ward off diseases like periodontitis, and tooth decay, it’s crucial to use certain products such as toothpaste with high levels of fluoride and anti-plaque mouth rinses.

Dr. Brad Pitts is a Lexington and West Columbia, SC dentist specializing in preventative oral health care, restorative therapy, and cosmetic dentistry. Call today to set up an appointment and get your oral health on the right track.

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