xray filmYou have heard so many lectures about cavities and how to keep your teeth by being ravaged from the. However, what really are cavities and why is it that dentists like Brad Pitts in Lexington, SC work so hard to prevent them?

What are cavities?

The first thing we think about when the word “cavity” is mentioned is holes or craters, and that is exactly what they are. But the dental definition of cavity is a damaged portion in the hard layer of the tooth which leads to demineralization and development of tiny pores or holes. Dental cavities are used synonymously with the terms dental caries and tooth decay.

What are the causes of cavities?

There are a number of factors which could lead to the development of a dental cavity but all of these factors follow the same steps before a cavity could form:

Plaque formation. Whenever you eat, debris is left on the surfaces of your teeth which come in the form of sugars. These sugars attract bacteria which feed on these substances. In turn, the bacteria release certain acidic metabolites as a result of their utilization of sugar. This combination of sugars, bacteria and acidic metabolites turns into a soft, malodorous substance known as plaque.

Acid attacks. The bacteria in the plaque will continue to metabolize sugar and release acids. These accumulated acids will lead to the demineralization of the hard layers of the tooth making it susceptible to holes or cavities. The first layer that will be affected is the enamel, exposing the underlying layer which is the dentin layer. Enamel is a very tough layer and the acids will take a longer time to do any significant damage. On the other hand, the dentin layer is more permissive.

Continued destruction. It is ideal that a person seek dental help while the damage is still contained within the enamel to dentin layer. Dentists like Brad Pitts Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Lexington, SC often do the “drill and fill” procedure in order to prevent more microorganisms from penetrating into the cavity and burying deep down into the pulp region. However, if you are unable to seek dental help promptly, then the pulp could be affected the bacteria could infect sensitive tissues, causing extreme pain.

Complications. Because tooth decay is an infection above all, your body will respond accordingly and its normal for the offending tooth to be abscessed, that is for the tooth to develop pus because of the increased production of leukocytes and swell, and the sufferer would be plagued with excruciating pain.

Brad Pitts Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Lexington, SC is dedicated to making sure your teeth are free from cavities. Regular visits to our office can not only fix any existing problems, but prevent future problems, which is our main goal. Keep your teeth strong and healthy by calling today to make an appointment.

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