Before your Dr. Brad Pitts bids you off after an appointment, he will more or less remind you about your next scheduled dental check-up in Lexington SC. If you’re thinking about ditching that appointment, like majority of individuals out there, then the most likely reason would be that you’re trying to avoid the cost of a dental check-up and the professional dental cleaning. But if cost is the only thing that you are worried about, then you might be surprised to find out that preventive dental treatments actually keep you from spending more in corrective dental treatments.

What is the true cost of taking your dental health for granted?

A full mouth reconstruction can go for around $45,000 to $80,000. Poor dental hygiene is the main reason for why a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary. When you neglect your dental health, you set yourself as vulnerable to tooth decay and gum diseases. Cavities are effective at ruining the architecture of your teeth and irritating the dental pulp. On the other hand, gum diseases lead to the inflammation of the gums, gum recession and the resulting extraction of not just diseased but also healthy teeth.

What preventive treatments can you take advantage of?

Since you cannot grow back teeth, the adage which says that prevention is better than cure cannot be any truer. Below are some of the preventive dental treatments that you can invest in so that you can keep the toothache and costly curative procedures away:

Dental X-rays.When you go in for a dental exam in Lexington SC , Dr. Pitts will be on the look-out for signs of cavities. When done manually, dentists often use a hook-like tool in order to check up on budding cavities. The problem with this is that its not that accurate because cavities can start in unseen regions of one’s teeth. For instance, the base of the molars are often difficult to visualize and clean, and cavities can start to form within that area. Dental x-rays, on the other hand, can detect even the earliest formations of cavities.

Dental Cleanings. You may be very strict when it comes to cleaning your teeth, but this does not mean that you are doing enough to keep your teeth free from cavities, and your gums away from plaque and tartar. Professional dental cleaning procedures involve not just getting rid of plaque but also the tartar which has accumulated along the gumline and are impossible to get rid of by simple tooth brushing.


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