Root Canal Lexington SCThe worst part is over, but that does not mean that everything is over. Even when the root canal treatment has been completed, your dentist will still need to start the entire process of rebuilding the tooth. Below are just some of your options:


Also known as caps, crowns are porcelain dental works which are fitted over the tooth in order to reinforce the crown. Porcelain crowns are most helpful when the root canal treatment has left the tooth significantly weak because of the loss of dental structure in part because of the drilling of the access hole but also the removal of the soft tissues. While dental fillings can still seal the hole left by the procedure, the tooth’s structure will still be noticeably weak but can be reinforced with the help of a porcelain crown. At the same time, of the tooth contains a lot of breaks and fractures, it may be susceptible to infiltration of bacteria and infection even when the dental filling procedure is done.

Dental Filling

While crowns are the gold standard of reconstructing any tooth, regardless of whether it has been root canal treated, the price tag for the procedure is enough to deter most individuals from getting them. At the same time, the situation does not always warrant the need for porcelain crowns. For instance, if much of the dental structure has been retained, then all that is required is to seal off the access cavity. Most of the time, teeth found at the front or those that appear along the smile line only require a simple dental filling procedure. This is because these structures aren’t subjected to that much biting force so the chance for chipping is lesser.

What happens before you get these restorations?

In order to seal off the access cavity and keep the tooth from being susceptible to infections, your dentist would probably use a temporary filling right after the root canal treatment is completed. However, this does not mean that you can go crazy on your new treated tooth. The tendency of temporary fillings is that they chip easily compared to dental filling materials which are designed to be permanent as well as porcelain crowns. So while your tooth hasn’t been completely reconstructed, favor your treated tooth. Channel the biting forces to another part of your mouth, and wear mouthguards if you are prone to teeth grinding to cushion the tooth.

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