Filling Cavity in Lexington SCWhen it comes to treating your cavities there is no other way to do it than through the routine drill and fill procedure. But before you get your cavity treated, the first thing which Dr. Pitts would first have to do is to search your teeth for cavities and detect the ones which you have. To do that, Dr. Pitts has a couple of options with regards to diagnosing cavities.

How can your dentist find out if you have cavities?

When it comes to detecting cavities, there are a couple of tests which Dr. Pitts can go for. The first, and most simple one, is through gross examination of your teeth. To examine your teeth, Dr.Pitts will have to look for blackened dental tissues which signal decay. At the same time, your dentist can make use of a special tool that has a sharp end in order to tap your teeth. Decayed dental tissue material would not be able to resist the force generated upon tapping. On the other hand, your dentist can also ask that you get dental x-rays or make use of a special cavity-staining dye which would help pinpoint which tooth and which areas of it the tooth decay can be located.

How is the drill and fill procedure done?

To start off the procedure, Dr. Pitts would have to anesthetize the tooth which will be treated. After doing so, the next step is to get rid of decayed material which may be found along the outline of the tooth, and to do that your dentist will have to make use of a dental drill to make the cavity larger. Once this is done, the hole is etched and then the dental filling can then be filled inside the cavity in order to come up with some sort of a seal on the cavity and keep the bacteria from doing further damage.

What are the different filling materials available?

Depending on the type of cavity which you have, Dr. Pitts can decide to make use of certain dental filling materials. For instance, your molars would receive high biting forces which means that it would be better if the tooth is filled using gold and other metallic dental filling. On the other hand, teeth which appear whenever you smile should be treated using a composite resin material which is tooth-like in color. Some other dental filling materials also release fluoride as you bite.

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