Lexington SC dentistSure, you’ve had your teeth pulled before when you were a kid. But losing a tooth now that you’re an adult is very much different from when you lost teeth back during your childhood. Also, known as exodentia, teeth extraction may your only option. However, this procedure isn’t without its possible complications and consequences.

What are the reasons for why a tooth has to be pulled out?

There are a number of reasons for why a tooth has to be extracted. These reasons include:

1. When a tooth has suffered extreme damage or trauma.

While there are cosmetic and restorative procedures which can renew the original structure of a tooth, there are instances wherein the dental structure is just too little for the restoration to be able to latch on properly. This includes major fractures and severe tooth decay. Veneers and crowns require that a significant amount of the tooth to be restored still present so that they can be anchored securely into place. If you have nothing but a mere stump, an extraction may be necessary because without it, the tooth will only become more infected and be abscessed.

2. When you have a non-functioning tooth.

A non-functioning tooth is one which does not have any tooth opposite it to bite to. The existence of the tooth may do more harm than good, causing the misalignment of the remaining teeth which can lead to bite problems. It’s better to extract this tooth since it doesn’t serve its function to begin and pose a threat to the rest of your teeth.

3. When you are in need of orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic braces are used in order to encourage the movement of teeth to their proper alignments. Some teeth may be standing on the way or maybe the jaw size of the patient has encouraged crowding and overlapping of teeth. One or more teeth must be removed in order to free up space and make it easier for teeth to move to their proper places.

4. When a tooth is at risk for infection.

People with weak immune systems, such as those who are to undergo organ transplantation or receive radiation treatment, are prone to dental infections. Hence, if your dentist has identified a tooth which has cavities and is likely to become abscessed, then it may be better to have the tooth removed before you start with your immune weakening treatment plan.

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