Dentures in Lexington SCAre you new to having dentures and find it quite a challenging experience? Don’t worry. You are just one of the many denture users worldwide who are experiencing it too! Using dentures for the first time may present you with a few minor problems, but these challenges can be overcome. With dedication and patience, you will get accustomed to wearing false teeth and embrace it into your life. Trusted Lexington Dentist, Dr. Brad Pitts, offers 9 helpful tips to denture users.

Wear new dentures for the first 24 hours.

This will give you a head start in getting used to having false teeth in your mouth. Bear in mind though that sleeping with dentures is only advisable during this initial phase.

Eat candy mints to counteract excessive saliva.

The mouth considers false teeth as a foreign object; hence, it’s normal to produce more saliva than you used to. This can be remedied by eating candy mints, so you will be forced to swallow the excess saliva.

Eat soft foods at first.

Don’t force yourself to eat hard to chew foods. Take it slowly at first. Eat soft foods like eggs, noodles, mangoes, soup, etc. Avoid foods that stick to the teeth, so you won’t have difficulty in eating. Foods that are easy to chew and swallow will help you get through the adjustment phase quickly. Soon, you will get accustomed to eating with your dentures and start enjoying different kinds of food.

Use both sides of your mouth when chewing.

Dentures have the tendency to tilt forward even if they’re fitted properly. Try using both sides of your mouth when eating for balance and symmetry.

Speak a lot with your new dentures.

Speaking with dentures can be a bit challenging at first. You will find that you pronounce some words differently. The best thing to do is to practice speaking with your dentures in. Talk with your pet, read books out loud and speak to yourself in front of the mirror. Practice makes perfect when it comes to speaking with your new dentures.

Add herbs and spices to your dishes.

You will find that certain types of food seem to have lost their flavor. This can be solved by adding more herbs and spices to your dishes.

Take advantage of a dental adhesive.

Slipping and tilting are very common problems of denture users. This can be effectively addressed by a dental adhesive. This helpful tool will keep your dentures in place, so your false teeth feel secure inside your mouth.

Keep your dentures clean and well-maintained.

Dentures must be washed and rinsed after meals. They also need to be kept moist when not in use. You can soak your false teeth in a denture cleaning solution at night. Keeping your dentures clean and well-maintained prevents infection and many other dental problems.

Visit your dentist regularly.

The dentist will check and monitor your dentures and the condition of your gums. Ill fitting dentures will need to be adjusted and any dental problem will need to be addressed. Do not attempt to adjust your dentures yourself. Let the experts handle dentures that no longer fit properly. Visiting your dentist for preventive and regular care keeps your existing natural teeth, gums and false teeth in tip-top shape.

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