Family Dentistry Lexington SCParenting is a tough job but an astoundingly rewarding one. One reason why parenting is such hard work is because the decisions you make now have long range effects on the future welfare of your child. For instance, studies have shown that children with tooth decay problems grow up to have higher risks of developing dental conditions. For parents, this means that you need to pay attention to your children’s teeth the same way that you are particular with their overall health.

Preventive Dentistry For Your Children

Dr. Brad Pitts is passionate in caring not just for your smile but also the smiles of those who are close to your heart, including your children. Dr. Pitts and his team at Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry has brought a whole slew of preventive dentistry treatments to Lexington, SC. Preventive family dentistry treatments are those which are designed to keep your children’s teeth healthy and stave off the onset of common dental conditions.


This procedure involves the painting of a liquid plastic coating onto the biting surfaces of your child’s molars. Once the liquid plastic dries, the grooves of your molars are leveled off and nooks and crannies where food and other dental debris can accumulate are then eliminated. It is when plaque and other dental debris is allowed to linger on the surface of dental tissues that tooth decay develops and cavities form. With a simple, straightforward and painless procedure, Dr. Pitts family dentistry can help your kids keep their no-cavity smiles.

Oral Prophylaxis:

Known as the scaling and planing procedure, oral prophylaxis allows for a deeper and more exhaustive teeth cleaning. While it is important for your child to brush his or her teeth at least after each meal, there are some dental debris which only the dentist can remove and that is where Dr. Pitts family dentistry comes in. The scaling part of the procedure removes the tartar which is calcified plaque, while the planing part polishes the exposed dental roots so that plaque would be deterred from forming on these regions in the future. You should send your kids in for oral prophylaxis procedures at least once in every six months.


Because it is natural for kids to be very active, getting minor scrapes and bumps are normal when you are raising a young child. However, it’s the facial injuries which are always a possibility when your children are engaged in sports that you ought to be on the look-out for. Dr. Pitts can help you with your quest in the form of mouthguards. Mouthguards are not just for individuals who are suffering from teeth grinding, but also people of all ages who are engaged in contact sports which put them at risk for dental injuries resulting in cracked, fractured or even knocked out teeth.

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