Dental Implants in Lexington SCUnlike other teeth replacement options, dental implants are anchored deep into your bone tissues allowing for the dental implant to be extremely stable. Patients with dental bridges and dentures are often insecure whenever they eat or speak for fear that they might fall off. However, dental implants are pretty much permanent, giving their wearers more confidence and security.

Why should you get dental implants?

There are a number of reasons for why you should get dental implants, such as preservation of bone tissues and easy maintenance, but the foremost reason for why most people choose dental implants instead of bridges or dentures, is because they are more stable and secure. The strength that comes with dental implants has to do with the osseointegration that happens. Osseointegration is the process of the dental implant fusing with the surrounding bone tissue. For this reason, dental implants are permanent and can last an entire lifetime for as long as maintained properly.

Who can get dental implants?

For all the benefits of getting dental implants, not everyone can get dental implants. Your dentist will have to evaluate not just your dental health but your overall health status before giving you the all-go for the dental procedure.

Gum health. Because the dental implants have to be secured deep into the gum and bone tissues, people who have gingivitis or periodontitis are prevented from getting the procedure at least until they are able to receive treatment. For instance, individuals who have lost significant amounts of bone tissues need to receive bone grafts so that the dental implants would have something to be anchored into.

Immune system. Since the dental implant procedure is invasive, it is crucial for patients to have an intact immune system that will help with proper wound healing. At the same time, patients with weak immune systems are vulnerable to infections from bacteria that could be introduced because of the break in the gum and bone tissues.

Lifestyle. A person’s lifestyle, such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol, could make it more difficult for that person to repair wounds. However, studies have shown that patients who have kicked the smoking habit for a couple of weeks before the oral surgery have better healing rates compared to those who refuse to quit smoking.

Medicines. Patients who are taking in anticoagulant medications are prone to bleeding tendencies. At the same time, patients who are taking immunosuppressants also have impaired immune systems and are prone to infections.,_8_%26_9_with_dental_implant_screws.JPG” rel=”nofollow”>Wikimedia

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