Dental Implants in Lexington SCOf all modern day options, dentures definitely hold the record for longest used tooth replacement procedure in history. Ancient Italians, Egyptians and even George Washington all sported some form of dentures. While ancient dentures usually consisted of animal or human teeth, modern day dentures are constructed from ceramic or plastic for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Unfortunately, there is a long list of negative side effects that always comes with the procedure. Until recently, however, most patients suffering from missing teeth had little alternative to dentures.

Dental Implants

Nowadays, dental implants are taking the tooth replacement world by storm. Since their first modern-day use in the 1960’s, dentists everywhere quickly accepted dental implants as the ideal form of tooth replacement.

So, what do dental implants offer that dentures don’t?

 Permanence. Stability. Quality of life.

Dentures are a removable prosthetic that is secured to the gums using adhesives or creams. Because of this, dentures can often slip or even fall out while patients are talking or eating. Dental implants, on the other hand, are surgically fused to the jawbone and are as stable as natural teeth.

Dental professionals consider dental implants as the closest thing to having real teeth. In fact, with dental implants, patients receive 95% of their natural chewing capacity. Denture patients receive only 25% chewing capacity. Losing 75% of your ability to chew has serious implications including poor diet and weight loss.

Dental Implants in Lexington, SC

At Brad Pitts Family and Cosmetic Dentistry we offer both dentures and dental implants for our patients suffering from missing teeth.

While dental implants can be the ideal tooth replacement procedure for many patients, oftentimes we have patients who would benefit more from dentures. Because dental implants are an invasive procedure, often it takes much more time and is considerably more expensive than dentures. Also, the amount of bone in your jaw can be a factor when deciding if you are a candidate for dental implants. While a bone graft is a solution to inadequate jawbone, it adds more time and financial obligation to the procedure.

Our dentists are experienced in both dentures and dental implants and will only suggest an appropriate procedure that will best fit your case. If you are suffering from missing teeth, call us at (803) 808-1778 or visit us at Brad Pitts Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more about the options available for replacing teeth.

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