CEREC Lexington SCTime is of the essence. People rush to and fro, making sure that house chores are done within the day while attending to important matters at work. With traffic and long lines almost everywhere, it is essential to save time whenever possible. Thus, the advent of CEREC one visit crowns has been a breakthrough in the dental industry. With CEREC, patients no longer need to wait for weeks for the fabrication of their dental crowns. The number of appointments is reduced, and the time spent in the dentist’s chair is minimized. Patients get quality restorations while saving a lot of time in the process.

Why CEREC is an Excellent Choice

• Modern Technology – CEREC uses the CAD/CAM technology and a milling unit that analyzes your teeth, design a custom fitted crown, and then fabricate the crown within minutes. The whole system is advanced and revolutionary, greatly helping the dentist provide high quality tooth restorations.

• Precision and Accuracy – A 3D image of your teeth will be used to design your dental crowns. The computer creates a design and then Dr. Pitts analyzes it and applies improvements when necessary. The entire system offers high precision and accuracy.

• Speed – Once Dr. Pitts is satisfied with your crown design, he will then send this data to the milling unit, to craft your dental crowns right on the spot. This saves you a great amount of time as there’s no need to wear temporary crowns during the short waiting period. You also don’t need to come back for another dental visit because your crowns will be placed on your teeth, once they’re done. The fabrication of CEREC crowns take only minutes to complete, so the doctor can immediately proceed with the restoration.

• Durability – CEREC restorations are very durable even if they are crafted within minutes. They won’t easily get damaged and can offer you many years of function.

• Aesthetics – CEREC crowns look very natural, so there’s no reason to be self-conscious of your smile because of your restoration. Metal restorations like gold and silver tend to be very obvious. CEREC resembles the shade of real teeth, blending in well with the natural color of your teeth.

• Strengthens and Protects the Teeth – Crowns are like helmets that completely cap a tooth; thus, offering it strength and protection from bacteria-causing cavities. Even if CEREC crowns require only one visit to complete the restoration, the crowns serve well to create a sturdy exterior and structure for the teeth.

One Visit Crowns Complement a Busy Lifestyle

High costs of living have brought about working men and women for almost all families. Most mothers no longer just stay at home and care for the children as they also need to work. Parents, therefore, juggle between home and work while taking care of house chores and their children in between each activity. One visit crowns complement this type of lifestyle. A busy individual saves a lot of time in getting his tooth restored, so he can still do other important things at home and at work. This new and advanced approach to tooth restoration is greatly beneficial to the lifestyle of the busy individual. One visit crowns simply make it easy for busy people to get the dental restorations they need.

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