CEREC Dentist Lexington SCCEREC® technology has been gaining more and more attention from dentists and patients alike. If you’re one of those who want to know more about the procedure, but are scared of asking your dentist for fear that he or she might jump the gun and assume automatically that you want CEREC® crowns or veneers, then below is everything that you would need to know about CEREC® technology plus how it fares against the other dental procedures that you already know of. The famous One Visit Crown in Lexington SC by Dr. Pitts is done with CEREC®.


If you’re in a hurry, then it’s time for you to start looking for a dentist who offers CEREC procedures. The reason for this is because CEREC cuts the treatment time dramatically by getting rid of the need to have someone else make your dental restorations. Instead CEREC® technology involves the use of a milling device which is found inside your dentist’s clinic. At the same time, the use of digital imaging and CAD/CAM technology means that your dentist can come up with the blueprints for your restorations while you conveniently wait.

With traditional manner of making dental restorations, your dentist would have to send out impressions of your teeth to a laboratory technician for fabrication. This would often require a waiting period of a couple of weeks in between before your fabrications cab be ready for bonding. The wait between your first visit to the dentist to the second one could span almost a month.

Fit and Match

Your dental cosmetic procedure is just as good as its fit and how natural it resembles the rest of your untreated teeth. However, when your dentist entrusts the making of the cosmetic dental works to someone else, this becomes a problem because the lab technician has not seem your teeth or your smile in person, and may therefore make a number of mistakes especially when it comes to the fit of the restoration and how this fit would affect your smile in general. At the same time, another budding problem is how the restoration matches your natural teeth.

However, because CEREC® technology allows your dentist to be in charge of the entire procedure, this eradicates most of the errors. Your dentist has personally seen your teeth and smile, and can therefore judge best how a certain dental restoration will look on you. At the same time, CEREC® makes use of ceramic material which comes in different shades and can even be dyed.

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