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Cosmetic Dentistry

When someone asks you to smile for a picture, do you find yourself becoming uncomfortable due to a dental concern? Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is here to do our part to improve your self-esteem. We provide a variety of cosmetic treatments, including dental implants and teeth whitening, with the goal of strengthening the aesthetic and function of your smile. We welcome new patients to experience the benefits of the best dental care in Lexington, SC!

We want to help restore & enhance your smile.

One Visit Dental Crowns in Lexington, NC | Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

One Visit Dental Crowns

Cosmetic dentistry has certainly come a long way! At Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we make it possible for patients needing crowns to be treated with Cerec in one visit. No temporary crowns needed. The process is minimally invasive with little downtime.

Dental Implants in Lexington, NC | Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants

Losing a tooth is unfortunate. Luckily, Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry delivers a great solution to take care of your concern — dental implants! Implants are a cornerstone of dentistry and have helped many patients restore the feel and look of their natural teeth.

Are you due for a teeth cleaning?
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Dental Veneers in Lexington, NC | Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry


What are veneers? Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that cover the front surface of your teeth, improve their color, shape, and hide stains. Our dental clinic provides both composite (which last 4-8 years) and porcelain veneers (which last up to 25 years).

Teeth Whitening in Lexington, NC | Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Is your smile not as bright as you’d like? Our dental office offers teeth whitening treatments that will leave your teeth looking terrific! Whether your teeth have become discolored due to smoking, drinking coffee, or poor hygiene, our team is here to help.

We’re Proud to Maximize Patients’ Oral Health

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