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General & Family Dentistry

Brad Pitts Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to provide exceptional dental care for the whole family! At our dental office located in Lexington, SC, we serve patients of all ages and oral health levels. As a family dentist, our goal is to create an environment where everyone who comes through our doors can have confidence in our quality of care.

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Preventative Dental Care in Lexington, SC

Preventive Care

Most common dental problems can be avoided with regular teeth cleanings. Staying up to date with your preventive care is important because it helps promote long-term oral health and wellness. We’re committed to helping our patients maintain a healthy mouth and smile!

What Preventive Care Treatments Do You Offer?


Deep Cleanings




Fluoride Treatments


Mouth Guards

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Diagnostic Dental Services in Lexington, NC

Diagnostic Services

We utilize the latest and greatest techniques and technology in the dental world to stay on top of your oral health. Our office is able to perform a range of diagnostic dental services to ensure your best smile.

What Diagnostic Services Do You Offer?


Digital X-Rays


Laser Cavity Detection


Comprehensive Periodontal Exams


TMJ Analysis


Bite Analysis


& More

We’re Proud to Maximize Patients’ Oral Health

Oral Health and Dental Services in Lexington, SC
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